Business Web Development and Hosting

Business Web Design

Before designing the look and feel of a business website, there are a few key points to keep in mind.

Consider your target audience - A website aimed at children or teenagers will have a decidedly different feel than a website aimed at business executives. It is important to match the feel of the site with your audience.

Avoid clutter - A clean, easy-to-use website is much more preferable than one cluttered with bells 'n whistles. While it can be tempting to add gimmicky features and cute graphics, such things detract from the overall website and do not convey a professional image. Keep things clean.

Less is more - Avoid the urge to put too much content on the website. Include the most important information and trim out anything superfluous. Web users tend to want their information in a timely manner, so the less time they spend wading through extraneous content the better.

Be professional - Your website is an extention of your business. How people perceive your site will in turn reflect on how they preceive your business. Therefore, it is vital to convey a professional image which inspires confidence in your business and the products and services it offers.

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