Business Web Development and Hosting

Large Business Websites

Large corporations with an established customer base have much to benefit from a website.

In addition to providing basic information about the company and its products and services, there are many other uses for such a website.

Web-based product promotions can be tied in with print and media advertising. Company news for both clients and stockholders can be readily provided. Potential investors can also be solicited online.

Depending on the company's market, a variety of other customer services can be provided. For manufacturers, customers could order customized products based on interactive forms on the site. Software companies can provide product updates ready for download. Real estate agents can provide interactive tours of properties for sale.

With the level of technology available on the Web, the possibilities are vast. New technologies bring exciting new features and levels of online interactivity that continue to enhance the customer experience. And a more rewarding experience for the customer results in a better impact for the company.

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